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New Local Eatery --Marlowe, a bike-ride away

We checked out Marlowe the other night, a new local restaurant that opened recently, and were really delighted. Located just opposite the CalTrain station at Townsend and 4th streets, we called ahead, and though they are usually booked up, were able to get a table for three last-minute. We drove over, but with more notice could easily take a gentle, flat bike ride along the bay on Terry Francoise bouldevard, then crossed the 4th street bridge to arrive in about 10 minutes.
We LOVED the Brussels Sprout Chips, and the Butchers' Mistress Cocktail, with cava, grapefruit juice and elderberry syrup. Also, the lemon curd souffle was divine. It looked like the burger was a big favorite, from the number of them I saw being sent out of the kitchen.
Even with our 6-year-old, we had great service, and look forward to another meal there.