Don't Panic--It's Organic!

Ice cream that is! We thought this was the name of our new local, organic, family-run ice cream parlor before they'd hung their sign out front. Actually, the name of the shop is Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous, and the ice cream is in fact organic, as well as home made in all sorts of crazy, scrumptuous flavors like candied violet with sea salt and ball park: anchor steam porter, salted peanuts and chocolate covered pretzles. There are also sweets--also homemade--cookies, nut brittle, macaroons, etc.

The new shop is the talk of the foodie town we live in, but for most people it is a long way to come for a scoop, but for us luck Dogpatch locals, it's right around the corner.

Hrs:Closed TuesM, W-Sat 11:30-8Sun 11:30-5
On 3rd St @ 22nd, SF. Across from Serpentine restaurant & also Hard Knox Cafe


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