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The new Dogpatch Boulders climbing gym just opened down the street at 2573 3rd ST in the American Industrial Warehouse. We can't get enough!

Bouldering is a class of climbing that has exploded in the past 10 years. No ropes or harness required, just you and the wall! Dogpatch Boulders boasts the largest bouldering area in the US, with over 14,000 sf of bouldering terrain up to 17 ft high! No class required. Just remember, use caution and use a spotter! Make sure that you bend your knees when you jump down and land directly in the center of one of the pads. Just ask the front desk if you need pointers. And of course rental gear is available if you need it.

So many new sites to see this summer--all just a walk or a beautiful bike ride away:

The Workshop Residence engages the worlds of craft, art, and design by pairing visiting artists and designers with local fabricators to create beautiful, useful and affordable objects.
Located in the Dogpatch, an historic art and light-manufacturing district in San Francisco, we provide residents with a large studio/workshop, an adjacent apartment, living stipend, production budget, and a dedicated creative and logistical staff to facilitate their project.

The Museum of Craft and Design
Since opening to the public in 2004, the Museum of Craft and Design has delivered innovative exhibitions and programs to thousands of visitors from San Francisco, the Bay Area and beyond.

The new Exploratorium
The Exploratorium is a twenty-first-century learning laboratory, an eye-opening, always-changing, playful place to explore and tinker. For more than forty years, we’ve built creative, thought-provoking e…

Chocolate Lab opens with an MMMMM

Despite the misleading name, one of my favorite dishes at the new Chocolate Lab is this savory-sweet cheesecake and salad. Light as air, the flavor of delicate goat cheese and the tender crumb are the perfect foil for a well dressed salad of greens and snappy vegetables that changes with the seasons, but is always tasty.
The tartines--grilled open-face sandwiches, hit all the right notes, and are offered in at least three variations daily--my favorite is the ham and cheese.
The soups are the sleeper item on the menu, their names rarely capturing the full complexity of the ingredients nor and depth of flavors in every one I've tried. Lastly, it really goes without saying, but don't forget to leave room for desert.