Bike Share comes to Dogpatch...finally!

Ford's Bike Share program called the GoBike has now come to Dogpatch and Potrero with a station just around the corner on 19th Street between Minnesota and Indiana on Esprit Park, as well as Mississippi Street at Mariposa in Potrero.

Access is enabled through registration, with single ride, daily and annual passes available.  They'll send you a link to the app for ease of use which makes finding bikes on the city map easy and dynamic.

We've used similar bikes all over Europe, called Velib in Paris, and more recently in New York and Washington DC with great success, so it's high time they come west to San Francisco!

Happy riding!

To Market to Market...

There are so many lovely shops popping up around Dogpatch. Here are a few we love in the vicinity...
Olivier's Butcher on Illiinois at 22nd, has everything for a delicious home-cooked dinner. Another local French find, this time on 3rd just north of 22nd, La fromagerie has everything for entertaining. Plus freshly made sandwiches--that are so popular, they sell out most days by 1 pm.  And for desert, try Poco Dolce. Though not the only chocolate shop in town, they're just north of La Fromagerie, and are hand made on the premises. Inspired combinations make even the smallest bite worth savoring.

So many new little time